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Tom is not yet able to swim. I just want to let you know that I'll be late tomorrow morning. What language is spoken there? What size? I'm sorry, but I don't have any small change. If Mary knew how to swim, she would go to the beach more often. He is married with two children. It was only yesterday that I realized what she really meant. We're going to have a test today. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
Rock The Boat: - Could I speak to Mr. Johnson?
- Can you still remember the time we first met?
- I want to make her happy.
- He has a large house and two cars.
- Frankly speaking, I hate him.
- Betty, are you and John still dating?
- Could you give me a lift to the train station?
- I don't want to give up.
- She has known him for a long time.
- Who will you give the book to?
They were lying on the grass. Do as he tells you. I look forward to my birthday. I'm getting along with my mother-in-law very well. He seems tired. Where did he study earlier? He turned to his friends for help. Let me introduce myself. I haven't decided yet whether I'll go to college or get a job. Are you happy with how you look?

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