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Bikram Yoga: - He's afraid that he might be late.
- I have lost my wallet.
- Where should I put my baggage?
- I often talk to him on the bus.
- My sister is very innocent.
- Tom was unhappy because she wouldn't ask him anything.
- Have you arrived?
- It rained all day yesterday.
- Anyway, it really doesn't matter. If I can't find a job I'll probably go back to school to get my Masters degree.
- I have done my B.S. of Engineering.
This bed is too hard to sleep on. I think it's time for me to accept responsibility for that problem. Sit up straight. Leaves begin to fall in October. She gave him something to drink. You can study here. Happy Birthday! He looks young. She advised him to take the medicine. When would you like to meet?

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