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This bicycle belongs to my brother. The news made her sad. He turned the key. I'm working. How did you get there? I don't remember, let me check. Yes, it looks like there's something here for you. I have two sisters. No one knows. I gave my seat to the old lady. It will cost me a lot to furnish my new apartment.
Style Boutique: - She told him a joke, but he didn't think it was funny.
- Do you want a ride?
- I made up my mind to go there.
- He has the habit of reading the newspaper during meals.
- Ken didn't have the courage to try it again.
- I asked him to come with me and he agreed.
- She raised her hand.
- Do you want to order an appetizer first?
- I had to do that last year. It wasn't easy. Do you have any job offers?
- She is my mother.
Ken is good at swimming. I have to go to bed. I invited him to my house. I can speak English a little. Do you know what's wrong with your car? She really wants to lose weight. Look at that building. I left early so I could get a good seat. Where can I mail this? He's very young. He's much younger than Tom.

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